About Two Tales

Our Tale

Being animators, we think in 25 frames per second; we’re extremely detail orientated, and we see the world a little differently from everyone else. As born and bred Pretorians, we saw a need for an animation company in our home city, and decided to put both our passions to good use. And so, our two (fairy)tales became one dynamic company!

Our initial idea was to create animations and short films, but we soon realised that there is a need for an affordable visual effects team as well, and we were happy to find that it tied in with our expertise. We are a formidable team that can do professional corporate projects, create beautiful stories, as well as visual effects.

We love what we do because no two projects are ever the same. We are fuelled by challenges, and in this industry, there are abundant challenges around every corner. Our attitude? Bring it on!


Our vision is to make your vision a reality!


Our mission is to breathe life into every project and idea by using quality software, creativity, and just a pinch of magic.


Two Tales Animation has a shoot for the moon type of attitude. We welcome a challenge. We’re the perfect balance of professional and goofy, with unlimited creativity!


Is 2D animation in demand?

Yes, we are often approached by clients looking for 2D animation. As a 3D animation company we use 3D software to produce renders that look 2D, which means we are able to provide both options.

How much does a 30 second animation cost?

It all depends on the complexity of the concepts and the costs can vary greatly. Drop us a mail with your brief or project and we will tailor a quote according to your budget.

What is a VFX studio?

Visual effects and CGI go hand in hand. We are able to manipulate footage to bring your vision into reality by either adding or removing items from your shots. This includes green screen replacements, weather effects, removing extras or modern elements, setting buildings on fire, creating explosions or perhaps something more imaginative like a spirit that moves with the wind and leaves. The possibilities are endless. You can view some of our projects here.

What should you include in a corporate video?

Whether you want to launch a product, showcase your company or explain what kind of services you provide, we will work closely with you or your team to make sure that your message is communicated clearly to your target audience. Depending on your call to action and the goal of your video, we will give you expert advice to ensure that your corporate video includes everything it needs in order to be successful!