3D Animation

What is 3D Animation

3D animation is imagery that is created to look 3-dimensional. 3D animations are eye-catching and detailed, and we have all the tools in our 3D animation studios to breathe some life into your concepts!

Our focus is to be one of the best 3D animation studios in South Africa by providing superb results that capture the vision of our clients.

Take a look at some examples of our 2D projects below.


Sure Travel TVC created in collaboration with Dark Horse Films.

Oupa Teaser

3D animated concept for the short film, Oupa, currently in production

Where you can use 3D animation

3D animation studios like us cater to various needs. 3D animations can be used in a multitude of applications in order to increase business, improve brand awareness, and so much more!

3D animation in education

Humans have a much higher chance of remember something they have seen over something they’ve read. Animation is a wonderful go-to for educational videos, as they can contain a lot of information which can be portrayed quickly, and in an easy-to-understand way. Animation tends to make more difficult topics seem less daunting, whilst getting the message across with some quirkiness and perhaps some humour. Remember, great content is memorable content!

3D animation in entertainment

Over the years, we have been enchanted by the progression of 3D animation on the big screen. 3D animation has taken kids’ movies by storm, and it’s not stopping there. We can create short films, entertaining television and digital advertisements, fun internal videos for companies and much more. Whatever your 3D animation needs might be, we are ready to take your project and deliver the best result possible.

3D animation in advertisement

Products and services that have been showcased in a punchy, memorable animation are more likely to be successful. Animation puts a spark in advertising that lures in consumers’ attention and breeds interest. If the video is well-written enough, it will echo through the minds of your audience for a long time, making your brand the first to pop into their minds when thinking of a product or service.

Where can I make 3D animations?

You can chat to us! We are technically proficient in leveraging the various tools available for 3D animation creation. We are able to take your idea and create something “real”, a video that reaches its target audience and fulfils its purpose. 3D animation projects materialise from the imagination, making them a brilliant way to show the world your idea and concept, with the possibility of going viral (depending on your goals). No matter how abstract or “difficult to understand” your concept might be, we like a challenge, so bring it on!