What We EnTale

For over a decade, Two Tales Animation has been breathing life into concepts with a magical flair. At our 3D animation and Visual Effects studio, we’re able to craft magnificent content for films, commercials, corporate projects and more… Our combined experience gives us the edge to create unique, fitting content that suits the most outrageous, to the most simplistic ideas with a beautiful result every time!

Our 2D and 3D animation studios are able to assist with all phases of production. From conceptualisation, to a final and polished product. We have a distinctive love for animation that is unmatched, yielding a product that is moving, memorable and unique each and every time.

visual effects

Our expertise gives us the ability to blur the line between what is possible and impossible, while we explore innovations and push boundaries. As a versatile VFX studio in South Africa, we understand our audiences and are proud to provide them with something that is believable, accurate and remarkable.

Our Digital Animation Studio

Taking real-world stories and turning them into an imagination paradise, we can create unbelievable 3D animation projects as well as visually dynamic 2D animation! Enabling you to take any idea to new heights, whether it be for an advertisement, animated film and more.

Corporate Video Production

From promotional videos, learning and development, to video tutorials and sales clips, we can do it all. We always welcome a challenge and find creative and professional ways to execute quality results. Your corporate videos are sure to be informative and entertaining, in order to capture the attention of your target audience.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video evokes emotion, and will be remembered. Studies show that video content improves the viewer’s understanding of concepts and products, and can improve conversion rates significantly. This is because videos provide a personal connection to their viewers, who will respond better to them than any other form of stimulus. This is what makes videos and digital animation an extremely versatile tool to achieve just about any visual project goal – whether it’s a creative corporate video, a quirky animated tutorial, or even enhancing tweaks on a production.

What is the best 3D animation studio? The studio that can bring your animated video idea to life! We have completed a number of films and animations that we are proud to showcase. Browse through our portfolio and experience the power that 3D animation can have when it is done right!


Our partners

Any successful animation studio in South Africa understands the value of partnering with other experts in order to collaborate and produce the best possible works. Our choice of premium partners assists us in providing you with dynamic and impeccable results!